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Stumble upon found a blog called: SFT (Searching For Tomorrow). i found it at bloglovin because i always try to find a new blog that focus more on photography and not too much writing.

I always try to find new blog because i really need to see and enjoying good photographs from others.

Why blog?
It's only because i always love the platform or idea of a blog, a personal web page and not just Instagram page or facebook photos.

Ok, honestly i just don't know what to write this time.

But here's the thing. why i write about the SFT blog because that blog reminds me that digital photography have it's own beauty and it's always stunning if i found the best one

ps: i will never ever expect that this blog can be something good since i never post something useful for most people. So yeah, i will still be a daily photoblogger, capturing things and just be like now.



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