Don't Settle

I have this weird coincident from watching youtube videos. as usual, i always save a few videos into offline mode so i can watch it later on the office (because the signal there are 'super awesome'). and today i save two videos and both of videos are telling the same thing which is 'to be yourself'.

i always interested with this kind of subject because i always want to find myself and what exactly is my 'main thing', to be explored and observed and share positive things with it.

And as you all know, i'm always related with photography, at this time it is my main medium to tell or share things. 
But sometimes, i feel it doesn't enough, i still hungry for more. i'm always interested with videos, making movies and stuff like that,

I already made some videos for my youtube channel but i find it more hard than just taking photographs. The storytelling parts is the most challenging thing than any other part of making videos.

Yeah, maybe i will make some more videos just for the sake of doing new experiences and trying to find what's the joy of making videos etc.

But for know, until i've got the idea for making videos, i will and always capturing things with my old camera and share it all here on my blog. 

And yes, this time i will share all my photographs from Buah Batu Car Free Day. This is the first time i go out to this Buah Batu CFD and it feels...hmm...interesting!
Enjoy the rest.


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