Potret Analog: Grain and Blur ... And Thoughts

I watch a video on youtube, it's interesting for me because the video maker try to deliver a message about what she thinks about social media these days and what she found about herself in art and architecture which i believe is her thing.
i can't tell you all of it but the core of the video, the message about it was that the social media is too loud, too much demanding about attention, the noise from it doesn't make us inspired but precisely make us lost in a mainstream and losing our true identity as a unique personal just because we think we 'should' follow the stream.


We forget that we 'must' do what we believe is good, delivering excitement, joy, and simply become our true self, even if no one like what we do or create. 
Abandon all of it and focus on what makes us happy. That's why we do things since the first place. To gain happiness.

It interest me a lot because i feel the same way, i feel i'm lost in a stream, a mainstream of social media trends. Instead of being inspired, i'm just miles away from being myself.

I must change my game. it's time for me to create things with freedom. Not for seeking likes or popularity but just because i love doing it. It doesn't matter even if i have to be in silence.


Okay, time for photos. from the first photo above, you can see that it's so blurry at the background. Yap, two things that i always fall in love with in photography, it is blurry and grain. Let me show you some photos that i've taken using analog camera pentax k1000.

The imperfection of film does make me fall in love with it. i think it's beautiful and i want to do more of it.


  1. Oh my, this post is so enlightening... It's so true, social media is so loud, too loud it makes people lost their originality and kill the creativity.

    Great post bro, love it, and also love your pictures. Keep it up!

    1. after so many years, at last there's someone commenting on my blog, a real comment, not just like spreading footprints and links, haha...

      btw, it's a post that i don't know will be good, i just practicing my writing on english and JUST posting for the sake of daily blogging! hehe..

      i hope i can do daily blog for like...consistent.

      A BIG THANKS to you my lovely sister!


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