Potret Analog: My First BW Film

Today i'll share a few photo from my first BW film, i remember that my first BW was using the Lucky BW 100. At the time, it's pretty cheap so i decided to bought it.

For me i still counting about the prices because i still have this limited budget for photography purely amateur / hobby.

For the camera, i didn't use my main camera (pentax k1000).
At the time, i have two film slr and the second one is pentax ..... ?

Darn, i forget the type!!

Never mind.

My reaction after i've got the result. It's not as good as when i use my pentax k1000 with color film. This monochrome photos looks hazy at the highlights part. I think it's because the highlights was too strong.

Well ya, at the end i have to accept all the result since i'm using film and this is the part of using film, Expect the unexpected, and it's not always great.

Enjoy the rest.


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