Show yourself

Sometimes the thing that make us blocked from doing or even sharing things that we believe is great is just because we are too afraid that it will be not good enough. But the question is, not good enough for who?
Jika kita tidak punya client yang harus dipuaskan keinginannya atau bos yang ingin disenangkan dengan hasil kerja kita, maka ga seharusnya kita merasa kuatir. Be free.

If you like with what you do and you want to share it to the rest of the world, just show it.

Just show it, show who you really are and what charm you can offer to the world.

Took this photograph after taking dzuhur pray in this beautiful Masjid around Limbangan - Malangbong. I took around 7-8 shoots at the same angle, same background but with different people on the frame, and i like it. That's why i share it on this blog. Hehe...

Again, it's not about good or bad, it's only because i myself like it. and it's a good reason to share it here.



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