my satisfaction

It's a bit hard for me to not to edit the tone of the pictures that i've take with Digital SLR. Because every single photo that i've got from this camera ( DSLR Nikon D3100 = entry level camera) are originally not good enough or at least can't satisfy my imagination of what i see.

So, basically i will always playing with color tone to fulfill my satisfaction. and usually or mostly after i edit the color tone of the photos, it's enough to at least makes me happy to see the final result. and if you enjoy to see my work, it would be extremely please me ^^ .

I do photography for myself, to fulfill my own satisfaction. But if you happy with my work, i can't pretend to not happy ^^ and also, i always happy to see another person that have the same interest like me in photography, keep working on and let's make things better.


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