Potret Analog: The souvenir of a week at home.

Well done with my 13th film roll using Kodak ColorPlus ASA200 and a new experience using expired film, it printed 12/2013 on the exp.date section and it's also my first time using Kodak brand, quite interesting color tone characteristic and i love it ^^. spend all frame at my home, my parents home.

The point of interest of this picture is my father silhouette, not that plastic bag :D. this photo is Just like what i expected to. Now, if you see at the far left of this picture, you will see a boy face and that was not a ghost sightings,he is my nephew. hehe..

And this is my beloved mother face with her funny expression, simply love it ^^

Below is my nephew, and thank God i've got the right moment to capture it when he was exactly staring at the lens of my camera. He is quite familiar with camera because her mother is a blogger too and quite often to take her son pictures. By the way, my nephew's name is Noah and it was not inspired by an Indonesian band name. Definitely not. :D

Just a random photo with a piece of paper hanging on the clothesline with a sentence written on it "Life Goes on" and maybe if i have to give a title to this photo i will give "life goes on" title to it.

If you curious with the another angle of my nephew, well this angle was obviously being taken from the upper side,haha... and why i have to explain it to you, by the way. Silly. :D 

I love this photo too. A good composition, exposure and DOF (Depth Of Field). Just like i want it to be. He's my father if you asking :D

A random photo, just playing around with DOF and try to make a clear point of view of the photo.

Oh, what a good morning it was with many of free birds, flying around and perch on the TV antenna. But like you can see, i only got three birds on the frame."three birds" just like Bob Marley lyric on one of his songs :p

Just try to take a mist at the early morning. And yes, at my parents home i always woke up at the early morning. it's a lovely habit that i try to keep even it always fail when i stay in Bandung, i dont know why. :(

This is my first and ever photo that perfectly capture the lightning, owh my precious one! yeaay!!

And finally, i am sorry for my bad english also the grammar. i know there's so many wrong grammar in my english but unfortunately i was to lazy to fix it. but i hope you'll understand with what i try to tell.


  1. Really nice pict.. the last one was simply superb.. very profesional.. Love it


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