Potret Analog: Ujung Genteng

Hola again fellow bloggers, readers, viewers, internet user or whatever you out there who accidentally or with intention viewing and reading my blog, thank you for coming here again ^^

Well, this time i will show you the result from my best camera pentax k1000. This picture was being taken a few months earlier. The location is at Ujung genteng beach, west java and of course you can just googling it down if you curious about the beach. And by the way, i am a bit questioning myself was this picture already being uploaded or not on this blog, i always a bit afraid of reposting. :|

Hmm, the story behind all photos....
i am not a good storyteller especially when i use english to write it down. and for your information, i also open up google translate just in case if i forget or didn't know the right words in english.hehe.. so, forgive me for the bad grammar :')

Let's see, actually i completely forgot when it just started and why we decided to go to this beach. so i won't tell the story behind the pictures, i just playing at you guys. hahahaha... gotcha!

But, all i want to say is whatever the feeling at the moment, disappointment, sadness, fatigue, laughs, happiness etc is a moment that deserve to be enjoyed and remembered.
Owh and by the way, if you see the bald man with his eyeglasses at one of my pictures below, he's the man behind this blog >> amincun.blogspot.com << feel free to enjoy his story and his photographs too ^^

i think the pictures below is enough to tell how we enjoy the moment at the beach for couples of hours ofc hmm... before we feel the tiredness and hunger, if you know what i mean :D


  1. I still remember the story, clear enough in my heade. hahaha

    With all the journey, the feeling, the momment, the weather, the wind, the horor, the food, and the un-returned tents.. Lol

    this trip really left us things to remember, to talk about, and to laugh at.

    Nice post..


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