Potret Analog: my very first analog camera

Actually, SLR Asahi Pentax K1000 that i use today is not the first analog camera that i ever use. my first analog camera that introduce me with film photography was not an SLR camera, but a Rangefinder camera. it was RICOH 500GX. if you can't imagine what a rangefinder camera looks like, you can take Leica camera as an example, but my Ricoh is smaller and waaay cheaper,hehe..
i found Ricoh 500GX at the thrift store called BaBe in Bandung. it was accidentally found because i was there just for accompany my friend to look over something that he need to found.
But there you go, that Ricoh just simply be destined for me :D . in no good at all condition but still functionally well, i bought that Ricoh just because i want a camera for my own.

And the first task for the Ricoh was taking pictures when i do a trip with big group of my coworkers at SanbeFarma to Pangandaran beach and below is the results.

pretty well for an old and almost broken camera,right?hehe
*and sorry for my bad english* ^^


  1. Nice shoot.. love the pics.. (y)

    I don't know about Ricoh 500GX Rangefinder, but looking at the result, i think it's a great camera and not broken as well..

    It always nice to have your first for everything, like this pics

  2. almost forget. nice english by the way..


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