Another Street photograph around Padjajaran, Bandung

Hello blog, long time no write on you. well, that's not because i am busy or fact, there's nothing much happening while i'm absent from you. It's just a matter of a bad signal here in my new place to sleep.

But i didn't stop shooting photograph, i still working on it, doing street photography is the easiest way for me yet it's the hardest to get the best result. But i like doing it, i like taking picture of daily life, with good lights at the early morning or late afternoon.

I have tons of street photographs that i want to share here. Again, i am not that prepared enough to do a street photography. i mean, i always doing it instantly and reacting on what was happen or what i saw at the time on the street and not based on particular theme such as taking all the yellow pedicab or orange wall that i found on the street.
It's just that it feels harder to post it here, i just don't know what the title for every post that related to the photographs.

Anyway, here's some picture that i've been taken on the street while walking around Padjajaran, Bandung.


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