Sweet Spot

I don't know when and why but today i was reminded about things from a few times ago, it was about sweet spot on lens.

While on the go to my office, suddenly remembered that there's a basic knowledge about lens, it's about the best aperture on the lens to get the sharpest images, just google 'sweet spot lens' on your browser or just click the link here

I am one of most people who does love a creamy bokeh on a photograph. Now, if you want to get those bokeh background on your photographs, you just need to use the widest/biggest aperture on your lens to get those bokeh.
for example, i use canon 50mm f 1.8 and the widest aperture on the lens is ofc f1.8, and since i want that creamy bokeh, i always push my lens to use only at f1.8 no matter how bright the natural light is. But most of time it was suck. i always have the unpleasant blurry images. 

So i've decided from now on, i have to be more flexible with my photography things including setting up the lens.

At first, my priority was always how to get those bokeh creamy background but with a higher risk of getting a blurry not sharp photos. But now, my priority is how to get the sharpest photos and being okay with little less bokeh background, as long as i still get the depth of field,
So, today afternoon i try to set my lens aperture in between f2.8 or f3.5 and the result was so much better, and i still get the depth, here's a few.


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