Passing Braga.

Been a while (only two days tho...)  from blog. last weekend been not that busy but was pretty productive since i've went on street hunting at the early morning (no so morning, i guess..) on both saturday and sunday morning.

Always excited with photo hunting activities but i think i need a new spot somewhere in Bandung because when the time comes, i always got confused where to go, a place that worth photographed.

Maybe next week will go somewhere new, last weekend still around Merdeka Buildings, Braga, and Alun-alun.

Any Suggestion, guys?
No matter how often you go in the same spot, same place, in different time, you will get a different moment, different lights, and different stories from the streets. It depends on how you see things.

And first. Braga St.

one selfie wont hurt you. :D


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