Try a New Thing

For some reason, of course there will be a point when we just doesn't feel inspired at all on doing what we always do. in my case is a street photography.
So, for the sake of refreshing and gaining a good mood again, also to try a new thing, i try to do some kind like a conceptual portrait photography and the model is my brother in law, Fauzan.

Actually, i'm not the one who ask for this photo shoot, He did. He ask me to took some photograph of him with fake plastic flowers and a ring. I don't know what is his intentions and why, i just say okay, whatever. He..

I've always been a big fan of portrait head shoot photography. With a narrow depth of field just to get that creamy bokeh. And yeah, i'm a big fan of bokeh too. I've always trying to get the bokeh in all my photographs, so because of it, i always set my lens into the biggest aperture and my lens is at 1.8

A little bit struggle with this photoshoot since i only have this broken fifty nifty lens (canon 50mm f1.8) so i have to do a manual focus. But i have no problem with it since i always do a manual focus with my analog camera.

And here's the rest of the photos, what do you think?



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