New Chapter, 2018, and Being a Documentary Photo Blogger

Chapter 01: January
Part #1 / 01-01-2017
This year i set my own goal just to challenge myself how far i can accept it and do it consistently. Yesterday i said to myself that this year i have 12 chapter, each chapter is like a month, and i have 365 parts or chances to prove to myself that i can answer the challenge and prove that i really love photography and blogging as the right platform for me.

And this year is a new chapter for me as a documentary photoblogger and i have to prove to myself that i worthy to be called like that.
i hope i can do it, capturing new images everyday and blog it right away at the night. I only hope that i can learn so much from this learning process, by doing it everyday and learn from mistakes everyday.

And by the way, i have my own resolution for this year, you can read it at the next post tomorrow.

: 1/365


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