I was sitting alone in my room, stumble upon playing a video, a slideshow photos actually. The photos from my past.
It's not a beautiful or and artful photos with it's awesome lighting, beautiful composition, or capturing the very best moment on the street. it's only a point and shoot kind of photographs, a documenting photos.

Now, when i am the future me of my past, the photos feel so meaningful, it's beautiful, it's so emotional watching it, i feel so attached with that moment on the past, with a music background by sheila on 7 song titled 'kisah klasik' it just makes it stronger.

If i show it to some total stranger that has nothing to do with the photograph or even my past, this slideshows, this series of photographs would be meaningless, or even not good enough as a beautiful photography in a form of art.

That's why i always said that Photography is personal.

But what i want to tell on this post is, back in the days when i'm still using analog camera, a really basic camera with only manual settings, photography to me is so simple, i just shoot what i feel is worth enough to be captured, whether it is only a piece of rock hanging on the wall or my friends photograph while they laughing out loud about our own crisp taste of jokes.
Photography was nothing more than just a medium to save what i feel worth to be saved forever in a single photograph.

When i didn't know that photography can be so much more than just documenting, photography to me is so simple yet it is enjoyable and makes me happy in so many way.

But now, when i know many things about photography, it becomes demanding. it becomes demanding that i just want to shoot a perfect photograph and show it to the world but pushing aside the enjoyable feelings like i always had back when i was started doing photography.
Sometimes i feel i loose something. 

But now, i can't go back to the way i took photograph in the past since i already evolving in photography. i just have to find a way on how i can get that happy feelings like i always had when i started photography.

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