New Place, New Hope

To be more serious and professional on blogging, i see that at least i have to be more schedulize on posting a blog post, for example like weekly update every thursday or maybe a real deal with daily updates. i like the idea of daily blogging, it can push me to always photographing things so i can post a new photograph every single day, but the challenge is that since i'm a worker, i do working five days a week. so little time to do hunting. my spare time is only on the weekend.

So it would be a little harder.
Cut the crap, let me tell you a bit about what i want to share this time.  for your information, i've been moving from my mother in law's house to my own place, not exactly my own home because i still can't afford to buy a house, it's only a rented place, monthly payment... (i forget the words).

So, i will show you a bit of my new place. I like it, it's enough for me and my wife. i stay on the second floor so it has a little bit more view.

At my early day at this new place, the sky always shows the best color and i'm loving it.

And here's the rest of it on the beautiful sunny day. it's nice to see it since for these past few days always gloomy and rainy. Btw, i hope soon enough i can have my own house and able to call it a 'home'.


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