Angle and Composition That Tells a Story

Every time i do a photo hunting on the street, i never make a plan what to capture. Of course it will be so confusing since the streets is a kind of random thing like random people passing by, random situation, and random kind of everything. And because of it, it has a lot to offer, you just have to know what to do.

Since i never plan anything before the photo hunt, i am so much depending on my vision on how to see things and how to make it good in a photograph, it's all about angle and composition.

Lately, i have a new muse for my current photography style, his Instagram account name is @aditpk, he is an Indonesian street photographer and being so famous on Instagram. He is a long time player at Instagram but i just knew him a few weeks ago.

 This aditpk work is so beautiful, with his 16:9 crop format, it just make his photographs looks more cinematic. But more than that, his angle and composition is so good it can tells the story behind the photograph.

For a long time, i never had too much attention on how to take a photograph with a composition that can tell a story better. But since then, i always took a time observing everything around and which angle is good enough to be captured And if i found it, i just sit there and wait for the perfect moment. The perfect moment when the people passing by.

Well. been realizing it after i took this series of photographs, so you will see what i mean in the upcoming post, so....wait for it. 

Mean while, Enjoy these people that i've been captured at Balai Kota Bandung.


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