Took an Oath

Today is the day i pick up the result of my first roll of film on a Ricoh KR-5

and its failed.

All the 36exp is over exposure almost white and the lab people said that it can't be scanned.
i'm not that disappointed because i aware that this could be happen. This is a part of the unexpected of using film.
So yeah, first roll from Ricoh is total failed.

But this time i will share a bit of good moments from my brother in law's wedding day. click jumps! below for more.

At a fine sunday morning, my brother took an oath to marry his one lovely woman of his life.

The marriage itself was not a type of a luxurious and lavish wedding, it's only for a family and closest friends and it still a beautiful moments.
I am happy for having this privileges and opportunity to take those beautiful moments into photographs.

Congratulations, Brother. Wishing you all the best.
Here's the rest of the moments.


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