The Eminence of Digital

Back in the days when i started to knew photography, my first camera is an analog camera. Therefore, i never forget the quality and the beauty of film photography. And that feelings about film photography was kept carried away until i've got my first DSLR.

Maybe if you saw a few of my previous post on this blog, i have trying to edited the tone of my photos emulating the film look with it's grain and faded colors. But it never makes me happy because it's not film.

Maybe i was wrong, trying to emulating the film look will never be good enough for me with my DSLR photo quality. 

From now on, i think i have to separate things into it's proper place. i mean, when i use DSLR, i have to accept and aware that it is digital and i have to optimize the eminence of digital which i believe it has to be sharp and contrast. But it's only my opinion.

So let's recap and retouch some of my old photos and make it as it is....'digital'.


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