Monokrom: First Experiment

On my last post, i post about the black and white and now i want to share some more of those monochrome photographs.

At Rooftop gedung pasar baru, Bandung. 2016

Since i've following @bnw_legit account on Instagram, i am a bit obsessed with their photographs, surely the account only reposting other instagrammer who've been using the bnw hashtag on their post and every time they post a photo on instagram, i just say 'wow' and easily hit the love button.

So because of that, i'm doing some retouch for my old photo stocks and try to achieve what i have in mind.
And by doing the retouch, one thing that makes me realize was that not all the picture are good in black and white, but the best photo to be edited into black and white is the one that has a pretty contrast between the highlights and the shadows.

In my opinion and my current mood on how to retouch a good black and white is by adding some more contrast, reducing the exposure until the picture is a bit darker, add the highlights if its necessary   and yeah i think that's the very basic for me to edit it.

So, here's the photos. Let me know if you like it, or not.

At jalan baru Nagrek, 2016

At Mesjid Agung Bandung, 2017

At jalan baru Nagrek, 2016

At Gasibu, Bandung. 2017

At my sister's house. 2016

At Gasibu, Bandung. 2017

At Otista street in the middle of the costume festival. 2015

At Gasibu, Bandung. 2017

At Gasibu, Bandung. 2017

At Alun-alun Bandung. 2017

At Singapore International Schools neighbourhood, somewhere. 2017


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