A Place With Lots of Memories

At that afternoon, i thought with that kind of grey and dark clouds will ended with rain, but somehow i feel that the rain will fall not in that afternoon. So i choose to go to that park and documenting things around.

By the way, back in the days when i still on college a few years ago, i was live in the neighborhood around this park, Monumen Perjuangan Park is the name of this park.

Many stories were happening around this park, one of the most important moment is when i say my feeling to my ex girlfriend which is now becoming my beloved wife.

Every time i go to the park, there's always a bit of melancholic and nostalgic feelings about the place. It reminds me of my college time and that time was pretty much are one of my 'interesting' moment. And it doesn't change a bit. haha.. i don't know why. Even the broken and rusty chair isn't being fixed by the govt. 

So, speaking about a place with lots of memories, do you have one?


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