It's All Up To You

When many people turn from DSLR to mirrorless, i still using DSLR.
When most of people talking about the feature of new camera Sony Alpha 9 with it's 4K video recording, i still using my DSLR which  able to take HD 720P with standard quality.
When most of people start to use full frame DSLR, i still use the crop factor APS-C sensor.

Sure, i can be whining all the time because most of people seems to moving on and being better and i still here counting days without any improvement.

But if i think the other way around, like when there's so many people didn't know how to shoot with DSLR properly, i think i'm good at it.
When there's so many people are happy with their first smartphone and can take a decent selfies, i'm already thinking about what is my philosophy on doing photography.
When many rich people have money and able to buy a full frame DSLR such as canon 5D mkii,  actually i'm already using full frame with Pentax k1000 years ago.
When most of what-so-called 'Netizen' using all the social media like Twitter or Instagram or Vlogging on Youtube, i'm still here, writing on my first and old-skool blog and i'm proud of it.

Yes, i can whining all the time because i can't be like most of people who can buy things that i only can imagine, or i can be grateful for what i am today and for what i already had. And starting from that just being me and do what i actually can do, and be happy.

It's all up to us to decide, and i choose to be grateful and happy, obviously.

What yours?

*Let's jump to photos, i took all these moment while i go walking from home to Astana Anyar with my wife accompanying me.


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