Blogs i've read

Every time i've got blocked and don't know what to write, i just browse some quotes and pick one for like #todayquotes .
But actually, what i want when being blanked and don't know what to write is to do blog walking and seeking some inspiration. 

I want to do blog walking to some photoblog but it's hard to find one especially indonesian.

I've been searching on google with keyword "indonesian photo blogger" or "most favorite photo blogger in indonesia" or "photoblogger indonesia" but i've got none. Huhu...

i have no more than 3 photoblog that i always wait for the updates, two of them probably not active anymore because their last post was like in the last year.
Fyi, the three of them are:
Fransisca is still active i guess, she's probably writing on her blog once or twice a month, and i fully understand because she's pretty much have a busy life as a photographer. So, i won't whining or grouchy because she's rarely update her blog. But i always check her blog up when i'm online on my laptop, just in case.

The second one is Renaldy a.k.a jellyplayground, i was aware lately that Renaldy and Fransisca is a friend when i blog walking to fransisca blog's archive and found a post telling about their photo walk together with one more person who have a web called and it's pretty cool.
And i know that Renaldy is also have a busy life with his jellyplayground shop and Low light bazaar. Renaldy is one of a few people that still consistent about film photography and analog camera.

The last one is Morrie and Oslo, i forget how i found their blog but their blog are beautiful, they mostly share about film photography pictures and song playlist and i just love them. It's a bit sad that they never update the blog again since last year :'(

There you go, i only knew a few photo blog, so help me to find some more.
The comment section are more than ready to accommodate your photoblog suggestion :D

Oh and by the way, i'm sorry if every time a write a post, the photos and the writing mostly never related, hehe. 
It's like my current way to share on this blog. my blog post is like having two segment, the first one is the writing, it can be just like this, or some quotes, everything. and the last segment is the photo series that i took everywhere. it can be related or not at all.
So, here my last segment of this blog post, i took this series in the early morning around Cikapundung riverspot, Bandung.


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