Tegalega local teenager street style

Dan di tempat ini lah, Lapangan Tegalega Bandung, Monumen Bandung Lautan Api berdiri kokoh

i like their shoes. a common safe good fashion
This is the best street wear that i find good enough, haha... in Bandung, especially at tegalega, you will find many "unique" style from it's teenagers. And poorly, their fashion style is not just like i like. But still, unique.
Too bad, my smartphone camera doesn't answer my candid shot needs. bad focus. So sorry :(

So sorry with the really bad quality of my picture, it was taken with only my smartphone. i still haven't had the money for buying a good camera :( 
And with my condition right now, i am forced to still using my smartphone camera for capturing a kind of street fashion like this. i am so sorry, hopefully you still can found this post interesting. i promise, as soon as if i have the money, i will buy a 'more appropriate' camera for posting to my blog.


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