Potret Analog: Roll 8

i always like to catch the lights in blurry like this, and it's just better with film

try to play the song:
So many....head.

And another....head, hehe

And i love you so much Raisa Andriana

Accident happen. Kayaknya kegoyang karena batuk kali ya.

even my camera knows that boyband is too much, look, it burned!

Ini yang perform itu kalo ga salah para panitianya deh, lagu hymne penyemangat gitu deh.

And you Raisa, are the spirit of my life. oh...Love!

Too much faces but... it's a crowd dude, it suppose to be many.

Ya elah, demen banget gue ngambil angle ginian :|

Dan lagi.....

Ngegeser dikit biar beda, tapi tetep aja -_-

Its awkward but funny, at the middle of the show, the MC curhat sama anak audio

And you my Raisa, aku hanya ingin 'curhat' sama kamu aja.

its interesting and unexpected result, i dont know what happen but it is good.

Dan diakhiri dengan silaunya lampu disko -..-


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