People's Portrait

point through

These photos are from my old stock photo that i kept in my hard drive, and probably some of the photos below already been posted on this blog (repost) hehe.

Surely i do posting the photos because there's something new with it. yep! i re-edit it again using Lightroom 5 with Replichrome preset, the b/w one. i like the Kodak 400-- preset with darker shadow, a little less level for the highlights that makes this monochrome (b/w) photo's more dark and have a little high contrast, and a harsh grain makes it more filmish and old. Dramatic ^^ | just what i like lately (moody taste).

Some of the photos are from my first experience in street photography and some is just like documentary photos with friends and family. 

Related about street photography, it's a weird-shy-scary-confusing experience but so much interesting! why? well, i think doing street photography you just have to be a social person, daring, cool with people that mostly will stare at you in a weird way but some people will just like enjoying being captured by your camera :D
And you just have to have that 'sense of perfect timing' to capture the best moment that you want to catch whether is it the crying little girl coz of her dropping candy, big smiles from a happy newly weds couple at the park, a lonely old bummer that begging mercy from peoples or the angry stare from an old fat man because he is to 'shy' to being captured by you.

You just have to aware of your environment, be alive, enjoy every show on the streets and capture it.

I am not a street photographer, not yet. i just don't have those ability like being that brave to capture random people pictures that i don't even know her name, and i am not that kind of social person :( i was too rigid. But someday, when i have the confidence, i will do and enjoying street photography.
so far, the street photographer that i love is Henri cartier-bresson, William Klein and Elliott erwitt (based on what i already knew).

What i love from this kind of photography, the natural lineament that is genuine. Truthful.


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