Night street photography

All the photos was taken at Bandung around braga street, Merdeka building and some at Supratman street with my fellow photographer, a mirrorless user Amincun. You can see Amin face at some of my photos above :D

We just want to try to take a shoot at night at braga bandung and discover a new lesson and experiences that there's ain't easy to take a good shoot at night with such a low lights etc and it's a hard one to search and aim a good object on the street, we just have to improvises and do our creativity to take a good one.

But i think, trying is a good way to expand our skill in photography and i hope it just only makes us a better photographer. 
Hope you enjoy my photographs.

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see ya...


  1. we were on the same place, same time, but How can i did't get all those momment..

    Damn, They're Good..


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