Jumat, 26 September 2014

Sabuga Pre graduation.

Selalu menyenangkan akhir-akhir ini kalau bangun pagi, mendapati pemandangan seperti ini, selalu. A good thing for start the awesome day.

this guy always have a good sense of fashion, a good mix n match. looks a bit similar with my taste. i call him Angga, but he wants to be called Shuga, haha..

i like her top and her jacket. :)

Nice shoes bro.

Horizontal stripes! always fit with who have a thin and tall body.

And That's all i've got from many good fashion statement. shame on me, i just still a bit scared when i want to take peoples picture by asking permission, later when i use DSLR, i might be more confidence. Doakan lancar rejekinya ya.

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