It's weird, but i'm kindda slightly in a deep thinking to do experiments on doing bussiness, starting my own brand on other thing outside photography.
i always have these interest on fashion stuff, any kind of it. But my mind and my idea tells that i should start it with men bags.

i have this one favorite little kind like sling tote etnic bag originally hand made by my aunt who's been so talented on making it. i love the stuff.

It's been more than a year having it and still loving it and i just want to sell  things that i love.
Once i have the money, i will order to make two bags to my aunt, my own design (ofc inspired from pinterest) and start to promote it and yeah, will see the responds.
It has nothing to lose, right?-- i can use it if no one will buy it. But, we'll see. Need tons to learn how to build my own brand, promote it on social media and real life. But the important thing is, let's make it real and not just and abstract ideas.


  1. These are such beautiful images — I love the tones and colours here. :-)



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